Broccoli was founded in 1993 by Björn Bergholm alongside the studies at Chalmers University of Technology. Over the years, the company has grown and is now a well-developed technical consulting company specialized in electronics development.

Our consultants are engineers in different fields, mainly in Electronics, Data, Mechatronics and Technical Physics.

With our hardware and software expertise, we offer services in design, construction and testing of embedded systems. We help cover needs in the borderland between hardware and software in several different industries.

Most of our consulting assignments are executed at the customer, and a small part is inhouse projects of varying size.

Our customers are often product-developing companies in various industries such as vehicles, automation, marine, medicine and more. Common to all is that they work with electronics of some kind in their business.

In marine applications, we have worked with, among other things, control systems, fire protection systems and powerline monitoring on ships.

 Within vehicles we have broad experience of various engineering roles within eg. security electronics, infotainment systems and powertrain. In the automation industry, we have been involved in the development of load ramp monitoring, hardware and software in communication modules for a number of different communication protocols, etc. In addition, we have experience of diagnostic equipment in medical technology, radar systems in defense, sensor technology in telecom, mechanical engineering in the energy industry, etc.



Broccoli is an engineering company in hardware and software development with a focus on embedded systems. We offer engineering services and education.

Most of our customers have their business in the west of Sweden.

We want to create an attractive workplace with satisfied employees who thrive and develop.


Our quality work:

We want satisfied customers, it is very important with the right consultant at the right place and this is for Broccoli  a matter of course.


Our environment work:

We want to protect our environment and prevent pollution through conscious choices.

We want to decrease our climate impact and contribute to a sustainable society through development of energy efficient services/products  and reduce our carbon footprint.

We comply with the laws and requirements that we are subject to and we are constantly working to improve our business.


  - Björn Bergholm, May 2019



Core values


At Broccoli we work inclusively, show mutual respect and actively invite interested parties in the dialogue. Through our differences, we build strong teamwork. We strive for differences as it strengthens us as a group and forms us as individuals. We also learn continuously through knowledge sharing and inspiration from each other, which leads to our pleasant corporate culture.


We get satisfied customers by prioritizing good technical competence and quality and by being responsive to the needs. We are the reliable partner with good ambitions and focus on ensuring a good delivery. Continuous development through feedback, experience and education leads to job satisfaction, networking and a high degree of engaging.


We value long-term thinking through personal and technical development. We make conscious choices for sustainable development, which gives us security, freedom and a wonderful feeling that together we contribute to the better.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        - Björn Bergholm, March 2019




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